Save the date // MAREMOTO opening 25.05_PENINSULA

Save the date // MAREMOTO opening 25.05_PENINSULA


This group exhibition takes its cue from the symbolic power of the tidal wave to set in motion a poetic exploration of imagery.

Connection is at the heart of this seismic event. Members of Peninsula invite an artist to contribute an image, who in turn invites another artist to do the same, feeding a network of creative exchange. The result of this union of perspectives and styles will spill onto the gallery walls for one night only. It will be a place of imagination and reflection, letting a collective visual presence emerge.

Through and in the shifting energy of its name, MAREMOTO responds to the global zeitgeist that is challenging the very fabric of modern life. The aim is to bring together different voices and visions to reflect on the present moment in a kaleidoscopic way.

Event details:

May 25, 2024, 5 pm
Lehrter Straße 36,


Rebecca Agnes ~ Nina Nowak ~ Ya-Wen Fu.
Yvonne Andreini ~ Jorge Lopes.
Diana Legel ~ Dana Engfer.
Maruska Mazza ~ Beate Spitzmüller ~ Sibylla Weisweiler.
Stefania Migliorati ~ Frederik Foert ~ Herbert De Colle.
Christian Niccoli ~ Margret Eicher ~ Andreas Hachulla ~ Clemens Gritl.
Alessia Pastore ~ Giovanni Casu ~ Chihiro Otsuka.
Matteo Peterlini ~ Giuseppe Desiato.
Emilio Rapanà ~ Gilda Convertino ~ Stefano Alaimo.
Fabio Torrico ~ Paolo Bandinu ~ Gianni Tanda.
Alexandra Wolframm ~ Nadine Ethner ~ Sarah Straßmann.
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